Fear Not! Our ELOs Make Your Post-TWC Career Step a Confident Step

May 24, 2019 The Washington Center

LEAD students

What comes after your semester in D.C.? Whether you come to The Washington Center with a career plan in mind or have no idea where it should go, you’ll need expert direction that wraps up the sum of your TWC experience and applies it toward your career. That’s why we offer Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) to ensure you’re prepared for that next step in your career journey.

The LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Development) Colloquium - one of the central components of the Academic Internship Program - is TWC’s professional development programming. While LEAD complements your internship through self-evaluation and technical skills progression, ELOs are for students who want to level up on career development. The learning sessions are interconnected with LEAD programming, supplementing and reinforcing the projects students participate in each Friday.

Unlike LEAD, however, ELOs are voluntary activities. Students register only for those events that reflect their interests or personal needs. ELOs also may happen throughout the week, in the evening or afternoon, and could be at TWC headquarters or the RAF, whereas LEAD classes happen at the RAF on Friday mornings. There are also outside TWC events in the D.C. area that may be recommended for further reinforcement of ELO lessons.

TWC's Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) give you the tangible, workable career development tools necessary to pursue your dream career path, plus the confidence to take that next career step on your own.

Extended Learning Opportunities at The Washington Center
TWC's ELOs give you tangible, workable career development tools to pursue your dream job.

ELOs are not fixed for every semester or intern cohort. TWC maintains a list of 22 sessions to offer at any moment. Some opportunities are stand alone events, like the federal resume workshop, for students who might be interested in pursuing careers in the Federal Government. Others, meanwhile, are part of a larger series, like career brown bag panels with the likes of Fortune 500 recruiters.

Regardless of type, ELOs fall into six buckets:

  • Senior Series
  • Grad School Series
  • Career Industry Lunch and Learns
  • Professional Branding
  • Networking and Making Connections
  • Technical Skills

Depending on what is in demand a given semester or term, TWC provides those events that are most beneficial. This particular semester, for example, has a significant number of seniors ready to graduate. The ELOs have therefore focused on preparing graduating students for upcoming decisions or events, such as a law school admissions panel featuring counselors from local law schools.

Your internship, class and LEAD programming supply great experiences to learn from and reflect on what you can do. ELOs give you the tangible, workable career development tools necessary to pursue your dream career path, plus the confidence to take that next career step on your own.

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