Disclosure Process for Students with Disabilities

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Disclosure Process Step 1: Preparing To Disclose • Explore your feelings about your disability…how comfortable are you talking about your disability • Identify (by yourself or with other's help) what accommodations you may need during the hiring process or on the job. • Weigh the benefits, risks and timing of disclosure. • If you decide not to disclose, make sure you can perform the essential functions of the position before accepting it. • If you decide to disclose, plan in advance how you will handle it − Whom to tell (interviewer, HR representative, etc.) − What you will say Step 2: When You Disclose • Decide how specific you will be in describing your disability. − General terms: a medical condition, a disability, etc. − Specifically refer to your disability − Exact diagnosis − Remember, try to use language that is informative, yet non-threatening. Be concise in your explanation and prepare brief answers for anticipated questions. • Describe the skills that you have that make you able to perform the essential functions of the job. − Qualifications − Technical Skills − General Work Skills • Describe any functional limitations caused by your disability that may interfere with your performance and identify those accommodations you may need to overcome those limitations. Step 3: Prepare Script (If Necessary) • "I have (name of disability). Currently, I have (the skills required) to do the essential functions of the job. Sometimes, (functional limitations) may interfere with my ability to (duties you have trouble performing). It helps if I have (name the specific accommodations you need). I work best when (other accommodations)."

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