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Evening Courses Learning Outcomes Objectives All of our syllabi are structured around objectives for three kinds of learning outcomes the students will demonstrate by the end of the course. • Knowledge: Concepts, ideas, bodies of information, etc. each student will master. Might include kinds of theories, specific vocabulary related to a technical or disciplinary field, or knowledge of the history of the field or subject. • Skills: Skills students will build, practice or demonstrate. Might include analysis, written or oral communication, reading of particular kinds of texts or genres (e.g., legal decisions, corporate or agency annual reports or budgets, etc.), or more technical skills pertaining to the subject. • Civic Learning: Social or normative considerations relating to the subject. Might include ability to describe a diversity of perspectives, ability to distinguish normative assumptions, or ability to analyze problems according to norms of professional ethics. Frequently Offered Courses The Washington Center offers courses in a range of areas to complement the disciplinary interests of our students. We aim for our courses to be appropriate for credit as upper-level electives or sometimes for degree requirements in the major. American Politics and Public Policy • Campaigning for a Cause: How Advocacy • Groups Change the World • Political Psychology Business and Administration • Nonprofit Leadership and Management • From Ideas to Action: The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship • International Business: Case Studies in • Strategic Trade Management Communications • Strategic Communications • Media and the Movies International Affairs • U.S. Foreign Policy • Middle East Politics • International Organizations and • Humanitarian Law Law and Criminal Justice • Introduction to Criminal Law and Criminal • Procedure • The Death Penalty • Forensic Psychology Other • Scandalous Washington: Uncovering D.C.History • Research and Writing Assignments and Writing Requirements While the assignments will vary from course to course, we ask our faculty to plan for students to complete at least 8-10 pages of written work over the course of the semester. Students all include a work sample from their evening course in their final TWC portfolio.

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