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Security Clearance Security Clearance Completion & Potential Delays The clearance process can be lengthy - there is no official time frame for completion. By accepting an internship with an internship site that requires a security clearance, you are assuming the risk that your security clearance may not be completed in time for you to begin work on the first day of your internship. Please note that in the event of a delayed start date, TWC is not obligated to extend the internship program beyond the dates of your originally scheduled term or semester. In addition, TWC is not obligated to provide housing for an extended time period beyond the originally scheduled dates for your term or semester. Failed Security Clearance & Security Clearance Delays In the event that your security clearance is denied, TWC cannot provide any representation, or appeal on your behalf. If your clearance is not approved prior to the internship start date, or if you are denied security clearance, you will have the following options: 1. Resume your internship matching process – TWC will identify an alternate placement. However, because this decision will likely not be made until very close to, or after, your intended start date, TWC cannot guarantee that there will be placements available at that time that directly match your interests. Understanding Potential Delays and Denials 2. Wait for your clearance to be approved – In most cases, delays last no longer than a few days but can also last up to 2 weeks. TWC will coordinate alternate activities while you await your clearance. You may only wait for your clearance to be approved if your university approves it - please consider these questions: • Does your university require specific activities/ assignments that they would prefer you participate in while waiting to begin your internship? • Will the delayed start date affect your ability to earn full credit for the internship? In some cases, students are able to make up the lost hours by extending the length of their standard workday by a small amount. Security clearance delays and denials do not happen often – when they do, TWC is prepared to replace students in another internship. TWC acts in the best interest of the student's academic experience and will replace any student when delays extend beyond acceptable timelines and when a student's security clearance is denied.

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