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Professional Communication Use the following tips to help you write a professional email: 1. Subject Line • Use a short, abbreviated subject line that briefly summarizes the content of your email. • Avoid using "No Subject" as these emails can sometimes land in spam folders. 2. Start with a Salutation. Address your contact with an appropriate level of formality such as: • Dear Paul, • Hi Mr. Smith, • Hello Ms. Jones, 3. Body of Email • You can start the email with, "How are you?", "I hope you're doing well" if you see fit. • Avoid writing your email like a text message; use full-sentences. • Be concise and clear. • Mention in the body of the email if you included an attachment. • Include any follow up or action steps needed from your contact. • Be sure to say, "Thanks for your help" or "I appreciate your time." 4. End with a Signature. Sign off your email with one of the following: • Sincerely, John • Best, Jana • Thanks, Bob Additional Considerations • Respond to emails with a similar timespan that you would use to return a phone call, usually within one business day. • Read through your email before sending to make sure you are sending it to the right contact, attaching the right document, and using correct spelling and grammar. • Use "Reply All" only when requested by the sender. • Avoid using any emoticons! There should be no J or J in professional emails. • Avoid CAPS and exotic fonts. Stick with something traditional such as Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial. • Be sure to include a subject line for emails that you send. • Be careful what you write in an email. Once you send the email, it cannot be deleted. Email Etiquette Email has become the most popular form of written communication for all types of companies and organizations in the 21st century. Email is used to correspond internally within a company or organization, in addition to communicating with external stakeholders. At your internship, you will be required to conduct email correspondence in a professional manner.

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