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Hosting an International Intern Who are J-1 interns? J-1 interns are international students or recent graduates who are currently residing abroad and looking to intern at a U.S. company/organization. The purpose of the J-1 visa program is to give international students the opportunity to experience U.S. culture and gain hands-on experience in their field of study. Are there unique requirements? J-1 interns have three main requirements that set them apart from their domestic peers. • Their internship must be at least 50% in-person (about 2-3 days/week) • Their internship tasks and goals must align with their field of study • A training plan is required prior to their ability to receive their visa. TWC will provide a template and assist in the completion of the training plan, which is just a more in-depth position description. e Washington Center is the intern's visa sponsor The Washington Center handles the sponsorship and arrangement of the student's visa. There are no fees to take on an international inter. Your job as the host is to complete the training plan and provide the training outlined within it. Timeline • Interview & make an offer to the candidate • Connect with TWC's Visa Specialist & complete/submit a training plan - TWC will assist in the completion of the training plan. Training plans set goals and tasks for the intern during their program • TWC approves Training Plan and requests signatures from employer, student, and TWC staff member • Intern applies for their visa at their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate • Intern is approved for visa, and arrives in the U.S. Can I pay my international intern? Yes! International interns are eligible to apply for a Social Security Number upon arrival in the U.S. and can be paid, just as you would domestic students.

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