Summer 2020 Career Readiness Programming Schedule

All sessions will take place at 2 p.m. EST. 

Friday, July 17

Mock Interviews

Have an job or internship interview coming up? Or, an interview for graduate school? Or simply just interested in practicing your virtual interviewing skills? TWC will be running virtual mock interviews from 2 pm-4 pm Est July 17th. Participants who participate in mock interviews, will also receive immediate feedback on their interview. Pre-registration is required for this virtual mock interview session.

Registration via Schoology

Tuesday, July 21​

Professional Mission Statement

We all have to work, but what really drives you? If you’re feeling unfocused or like you don’t know the ‘why’ behind your career goals, look no further. This session will teach you how to create a professional mission statement - a tool that allows for individual clarity, direction, and a sense of purpose that aligns your values with your professional and civic enterprise. In addition, you will learn how to apply this mission statement in cover letters, LinkedIn summaries, during awkward conversations with extended family members, and more. 


Wednesday, July 22​

Entrepreneurship in the Era of COVID-19

Students will hear from business owners about the challenges they faced starting a business and get a first hand account of what things are like during COVID-19. They'll share advice they have for students who want to be entrepreneurs in the future.


Friday, July 24​

Professional Branding

Your personal brand plays a critical part in how you are perceived by other professionals and potential employers. What is your brand? This session will introduce participants to the importance of personal brands and best practices for managing brands. Topics include: - Exploring and developing personal brand - Essential brand elements -Managing a strategic brand for career launch - Professional Portfolio as a branding tool.


Monday, July 27

Negotiating Salary (and Benefits)

You got the job, congratulations! Now you're offered a salary and benefits package and you're not sure how to approach the negotiation table? In this session, you will learn:

  • Firsthand from staff members at a Staffing Advisors, a professional agency in DC!
  • How to approach negotiating your salary
  • How to confidently state your case for your acceptance package


Wednesday, July 29

Job Benefits 101

What is one of the most confusing parts of looking over a job offer? The benefits. 401K? Health benefits? ADDITIONAL benefits? Have no fear - we have our amazing TWC HR guru here to walk through those benefits. This session will help you compare job opportunities based on benefits, as well as strategize how to negotiate benefits in addition to salary.


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