Monumental Access and Opportunity: 2019 Private Scholarship Report

May 1, 2020 The Washington Center

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) strives to make our programs accessible to as many students as possible, regardless of financial need. We have a tradition of providing scholarships to allow more students to attend our programs, with almost 85% of students receiving some form of financial aid.

In 2019, TWC awarded 258 students through 15 privately funded scholarships and hundreds more awards through TWC’s general fund. Collectively TWC allocated $1M to support students complemented by an additional $2.8M from states that firmly believe in sending their college students to TWC.

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The Washington Center is the largest and most established student internship program in Washington, D.C. Since our founding, we've helped more than 60,000 young people translate their college majors into career paths. We use our scale and expertise to customize each student’s experience to be truly transformative.

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