Internship Experience Helps Student Navigate the Congressional World

October 28, 2022 The Washington Center

Intern Spotlight: Christopher Rosati

During his summer with TWC, Christopher Rosati from The College of New Jersey learned the importance of networking and got a taste of government responsibilities. 

Where are you interning and what are some of your responsibilities there?

I interned at the Office of Representative Christopher Smith, who represents New Jersey’s 4th congressional district.  My main responsibility was to provide support to the other staff in the office: taking certificates to and from the flag office, talking to constituents on the phone, taking notes on hearings and archiving documents.

 It really brought to light not only the legislative process in general, but also the role of a member of Congress to represent the views of their constituents.

Tell us about a project you worked on during your internship that was your favorite, the most challenging or the most exciting.

My favorite project that I got to work on during my internship was to be able to take notes on a committee mark-up for the committee on natural resources. It really brought to light not only the legislative process in general, but also the role of a member of Congress to represent the views of their constituents. I got to see how the opinions of members changed according to the region they represent and the party they align with. My responsibility during this project was to watch the markup and take notes on who supported or opposed pieces of legislation being discussed and why they held that opinion. 

Can you tell us about your experience working with TWC’s disability services team?

Working with the disability services team at TWC was amazing. They helped me acquire the accommodations that I needed in order to be successful during my time in D.C.  They helped with accommodations for my room and my classroom to make sure they were accessible. 

How has your TWC experience impacted your career goals?

This experience has impacted my career goals by giving me the opportunity to see what it is like to be a staff member of Congress. It has also given me the opportunity to network with other people in the capital, which is crucial when trying to work in government. 

What advice do you have for students considering an internship with TWC?

My best advice to people considering an internship with TWC is to choose an internship that you are passionate about. Your time here will not be as fulfilling if you are stuck at an internship that does not interest you. My second piece of advice is to get out of your room and interact with everyone you come into contact with! You never know what doors that relationship will open for you in the future.

What was your proudest accomplishment during your TWC experience?

I think that the proudest accomplishment during my experience with TWC is overall being able to work for a congressman that I believe really cares about his constituents and always considers them when he is going to vote on legislation. 

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