The 5 Coolest D.C. Internships You Never Knew Existed

May 13, 2016 The Washington Center

1776, “startup for startups”.

Washington, D.C. has always been known as a fast-paced, button up town where politics is all that matters, but there’s much more to D.C. than just policy and government.

The nation’s capital is home to a number of startups, nonprofits and NGO’s that complement everything else going on in the District. And the best part is that hundreds of TWC students are part of this thriving scene every semester.

Here are five internship sites at The Washington Center that give students the opportunity to experience some of the coolest, most underlooked internships in D.C.


1776 is a “startup for startups” - providing resources for D.C.’s newest business ventures. Interns here engage corporate partners, work on teaching, learning and celebrating entrepreneurship and technology and are taught the necessary skills to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.

Mississippi Consortium for International Development

Interns here act as tour guides for diplomats who visit Washington D.C., providing an excellent cultural exchange for interns. There’s no better way to gain access to the world’s emerging leaders.

D.C. Public Defenders Mental Health Division

This hands-on internship gives students a chance to see things from both sides of the criminal justice system while diving into one of the most relevant and complex issues in D.C.

RFK Center for Human Rights

The perfect internship for an international relations major, or someone just looking to make a difference on humankind. The RFK Center deals with issues ranging from women’s rights, LGBT issues, education and political participation.

Global Voice Hall Live

This new media startup is run by millennials, making this not only an opportunity to work with an emerging power player in the industry - it’s a chance to work with young, motivated leadership and participate in a really cool startup culture.

These are just five of more than 600 internship sites that host more than a thousand TWC interns every year. To see other TWC internship sites, review our sample internship sites list

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