Fueling Innovation and Equity with Cybersecurity Industry Partners

March 17, 2023 The Washington Center

The Washington Center partners with Tentacle

The Washington Center’s Cybersecurity Accelerator Program is designed, built and implemented to deliver solutions for both learners and employers. Creating access, equity and opportunities for learners to gain skills and networks can open a career in this industry and, in turn, expand the pool of diverse and eager talent that will fuel innovations and combat the challenges of the future. 

Tentacle, an innovative SaaS-based information security platform, is one of several employer partners to step up to actively change the systemic talent recruitment process in cybersecurity. By hosting a virtual micro-intern, they are helping to expand their own talent pipeline, while giving short, stackable and rewarding professional experience and insights to a learner. Learn more about Tentacle’s experience in the Cybersecurity Accelerator Program and how participating supports their operational and equity visions. 

Thank you to Tentacle and all our partners who are helping to create a stronger, smarter and more inclusive future of cybersecurity talent. To learn about how your organization can partner with TWC, gaining access to strong, emerging talent while fueling a mission of equity, access and opportunity for all, contact Danielle Samsingh, Business Development Manager at Danielle.Samsingh@TWC.edu




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The Washington Center is the largest and most established student internship program in Washington, D.C. Since our founding, we've helped more than 60,000 individuals from across the U.S. and around the globe expand their academic pursuits into rewarding jobs and careers. We use our scale and expertise to deliver solutions that open career pathways for learners, solve recruitment challenges for employers, while helping create greater access, equity, advancement and representation.

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