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May 9, 2024 The Washington Center

Health Policy Immersion Program | The Washington Center

The future of healthcare design and delivery is shaped by policies at the federal, state and local level. Exploring how policies are crafted and implemented to guide health access and reimbursement, health equity and more is an important component of any career in the health field.   

The Washington Center, a leader in immersive programs that take students beyond theory to applicable skills and networks, is proud to offer an innovative Health Policy Immersion Program to offer early career talent the kick-start needed for success.   

This program is designed for learners with diverse backgrounds including nursing, pre-med, social work, and health care administration.  It provides a career advantage to all those who seek to bridge health insights with effective policy implementation.  

Health policy presents a tangible pathway to enact change, especially for marginalized groups. It's the battleground where equity meets action, addressing pressing issues like infectious diseases, health disparities, access, education, reimbursement and more.  

Navigating health policy demands a blend of technical proficiency and universal professional skills. Beyond data analysis and budgeting, success hinges on problem-solving, critical thinking and adept communication to rally stakeholders around common goals.  

A career in health policy is a commitment to service, whether through community healthcare initiatives or systemic reforms. It's a promise of personal and professional growth, contributing to a healthier society for generations to come. In a world where health is paramount, those shaping policy are the architects of a brighter future—visionaries, advocates and analysts united in forging a healthier world for all.  

Ready to make a difference in health equity?  Join us for: 

  1. Interactive Sessions 
  2. Hands-on Policy Development 
  3. Expert Networks 

This TWC short-term program runs September 26-29, 2024, with housing provided at TWC’s Residential and Academic Facility. Scholarships may be available.

Your pathway to influencing health policy begins here.  

Health Policy Immersion Program

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