Meet Kim Churches, TWC's New President

October 21, 2021

Meet Kim Churches, The Washington Center's (TWC) fourth president and first female chief executive officer in its 46-year history.


Hello I'm Kim Churches, the new president of The Washington Center. I'm so pleased to lead the organization at this critical point in time.

The pandemic has exacerbated inequities in our society. In education, in the workplace and in leadership. Now how do we avoid going back to the old normal and create new systems and paradigms so all cannot just survive but thrive today and tomorrow?

Well a big part is ensuring access to experiential education is readily available and not just for a chosen few. It's about career readiness for the jobs of today and tomorrow. And in the digital world in which we
reside it's making certain The Washington Center adapts with new programming to reach both traditional
and non-traditional students.

For nearing five decades, The Washington Center has been the go-to bridge between higher education and the workplace in every sector: government, for-profit and non-profit alike. We serve students we partner with,
colleges and universities and we team up with employers who know they need the next generation of professionals to realize their goals.

Now changing to meet the moment is never easy. But Covid has taught us all that we are capable of change and of learning new ways to live up to our values of equity, inclusion, diversity and justice as a nation.

Our staff, students, alumni and partners will rise to meet this transformative moment, and together we'll ensure we build access and pipelines for future professionals with a demonstrated commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive workforce.

I look forward to working with all of you.


You can follow Kim Churches on:
Twitter: @ChurchesK


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