How Networking Led to a Dream Opportunity at a Top News Station

November 20, 2018 Emily Yinger

Opportunity at a Top News Station in DC.

Having the opportunity to visit and shadow at ABC 7, one of the top news stations in Washington, D.C., was a surreal experience. This was possible thanks to a connection I had previously made during a networking event I attended last year at the University of Maryland.

Emily pictured alongside Emmy Award-winning anchor, Lindsey Mastis
Emily pictured alongside Emmy Award-winning anchor, Lindsey Mastis

A Connection That Led To This Opportunity

When I began my semester at The Washington Center, I decided to strengthen my previous connections in order to boost my developing news career.

I made the effort to contact the news director from ABC 7 through email to ask if I could come in for a studio tour or shadow day at the news station since I would be in the area for the semester. Much to my delight, he responded enthusiastically and worked with me to set up a day for me to come in and shadow the station. This was my chance to make more connections and see the inside of top TV station so I did not waste my moment. I asked if I could shadow a field crew (a reporter and a photog out doing a story) as part of my shadow day. More specifically, I asked if I could tag along to the Kavanaugh testimony hearings. Unfortunately, I was not able to assist on this endeavor due to liability reasons, but it never hurts to ask! (That is how I got access to this opportunity in the first place, simply by asking.)

My Day at ABC 7

My day at the station started with me sitting in on a news meeting. I diligently took notes to make sure I understood the station’s process of identifying what kinds of stories they thought were newsworthy and why. Then, I was sent over to the assignment desk to learn what that job entailed and learn more about ABC 7. They taught me about some of the gear the station uses and shared some background information about ABC 7, like how many reporters and photogs they have and how each contributes to the newscasts. Later in the day, I had the chance to shadow the control room and the studio during the broadcast. This gave me the opportunity to meet anchors and reporters, as well as learn more about the technical aspects that go into making the show.

Emily at the news anchor's desk

My day concluded with the news director connecting me with a reporter at the station who has continued helping me with insights on getting a job and providing me with critiques of my work. Not only did I get a new connection, but I also used that connection to further build upon my blossoming news career.

My Takeaway

Networking and meeting new people is much more than just getting a phone number or an email address. It’s about keeping that first conversation going and using each connection as a learning experience to make room for ongoing personal growth. This entire story is a perfect example of how one connection can lead to great opportunities.

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Emily Yinger

Emily attended the University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Virginia where she studied journalism. Emily participated in TWC's Academic Internship Program in Fall 2018 and interned at Voice of America, the largest U.S. international broadcaster which produces digital, TV, and radio content in more than 40 languages which it distributes to affiliate stations around the globe.

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