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March 7, 2023 The Washington Center

2023 Inside Washington Seminar Q&A

The Washington Center hosts several engaging and rewarding seminar programs in Washington, D.C. These week-long offerings provide direct, off-the-record access to individuals and institutions leading national security, policy and influence on the national and global level. Through keynotes, Q&As and visits to institutions of power across the nation’s capital, participants not only build knowledge, they fuel their professional and career interests.

Want to explore issues and potential careers relevant to national security from the inside?

Apply now for TWC’s National Security Seminar, May 16-24 in Washington, D.C. You’ll engage directly with experts in cybersecurity, counterintelligence, criminal justice and more about complex global, domestic threats and the ways to address them. This career-connected learning program builds knowledge, exposure and networks that can inform a rewarding career in this field. Program and travel funding is available for eligible students.

Already in 2023, TWC’s Seminar programs have helped change lives and expand professional opportunities for learners across the country.  

270 students from colleges and universities across the U.S. gathered for Inside Washington Seminar in January 2023. Participants had the opportunity to engage policy makers, journalists, advocates and more via interactive plenary sessions, Speakers included: 

  • Former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States on foreign affairs Fiona Hill 
  • NBC News Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor 
  • Former U.S. Ambassadors Cynthia Akuetteh and Carolyn “Pat” Alsup  

In addition, participants made in-person visits to institutions of influence throughout D.C. and explored career pathways via on-site education briefings. These included: 

  • Meetings on Capitol Hill with Senators, Representatives and senior staff 
  • The White House  
  • Heritage Foundation 
  • National Governor’s Association 
  • The Brookings Institute 
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs 
  • NBC News Washington, D.C. Bureau 

TWC Seminars like Inside Washington provide exposure, experiences and connections that can change the lives of students in many ways: 

Cassandra Lusk

Cassandra Lusk 

Nursing and Public Relations Double-Major 

Arkansas Tech University, Arkansas 

“Attending the Inside Washington seminar has inspired me to look at every possible field, network and build connections that could last a lifetime. It also reinforces that, as an African American woman of color, I can do anything I push myself to do. It's been very inspiring.” 

Brian Akonu

Brian Akonu 

Communications Major 

East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania 

“Every day somebody came in with a different perspective. For example, hearing how things run in the White House made me think about how I lead as student council president, and how I could be a stronger leader in the future. I see that I need to create a succession plan and start engaging with people that I don't agree with. I've learned a lot as well making connections that will help my career.” 

Megan Tomasic

Megan Tomasic 

Public Relations Major with a Marketing Minor 

Salisbury University, Maryland 

“It's so unique to hear from people at such high levels and in positions of power, and to do so off the record. These are people you see on TV, and we get to hear them speak, ask them questions directly and they can be completely candid with us. This is so different than I would find anywhere else.” 

Danielle R. Mehlman-Brightwell, Ph.D.

Danielle R. Mehlman-Brightwell, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Communication

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 

University Coordinator/Liaison, Inside Washington 2023 

“The plenary sessions and educational briefings [at TWC Seminars] exemplify how TWC puts learning into action. Students learn to think analytically and critically about policies and hot-topic issues with their faculty leaders. Now that students have participated in the seminar, they have access to the TWC alum networking group...” 

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